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The future is within us!

We’re inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s and Arleen Lorrence’s (Love Project) Quotes as well as the one by Maria Montessori.

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

“Help to do it by myself.”

We believe that we got talents given to us which we should use wisely for the benefit of all. LisAndi employees, therefore, are involved in social activities besides finishing their projects on time. We love to inspire others! Our main focus is to empower others! We train our customers and we provide training to institutions, companies as well as we invest our human manpower to train potential future developers, entrepreneurs, and underprivileged kids. Helping and empowering people with skills, tools and know how so they will be able to finish things by themselves in future.

What we do

We have worked with a diverse customer base. Besides serving our own customers we empower agencies and developers to finish their projects on time. They outsource tasks to LisAndi Co. Ltd. and/or take advantage of our T3Pack support, project management or staffing solutions. We apologize that we can’t name many of our projects here, but feel free to check our portfolio!

Application Packages

We develop T3Pack Package Solutions for a variety of CMS, E-Commerce and CRM, HRM, ERP Products.

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Secure Hosting

We don't grandfather you. We keep our hosting and software solutions updated on its newest versions.

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Qualified Support

We love what we are doing and our customers love our great support and training which we provide.

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Offshore Development

As a reliable and trustworthy partner, we treat your outsourcing & offshoring projects as if they were our own.

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Web Design

Designing and developing complete web applications pixel perfect according to your requirements.

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Photography, Text and SEO

It is often not easy to gather the right content to receive good results in SEO. We help you with our

Additional Services!

IT Staffing

We provide our customers with outstanding services and are your loyal contact helping you to find qualified professionals or helping you to change and enhance your personal professional situation and skills.  We will show you how to avoid staff shortages in your company, fulfill deadlines on time and how to save money!

On Time

Time is often rare and seems to be not enough. By outsourcing your tasks to us we can help you keep your deadlines.


IT Support

Web Development, Web Design, Programming (PHP, Python, Javascript, HTML5, …) Performance Tuning, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Social Media Marketing SMM, E-Marketing, E-Targeting Training, Webinars, E-Learning, TYPO3/WordPress Training, Management Translation Services, Hotline, Call Center Services, Video Conferencing
Education is what remains after one has forgotten, what one has learned at school. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. (Albert Einstein – Brad Henry)

Fearless Leaeders

We are a mixed team of talents from all over the world working together to inspire and empower others.
Andi Becker

Andi Becker

CEO, General Manager

Urai Ketkeaw

Urai Ketkeaw

Creative Cook



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