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The worldwide social platform for affordable house worship, technology,  materials, and ideas. “Inspire to Share”

2005 – live
made in Thailand by LisAndi Phuket


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Worshipping God was not enough for us. We love how he guides us every day on the path he has given to us. He is the truth, the light, and the way we like to follow. We want to nourish you with lots of interesting materials, stories, technology, tutorials and new ideas for your house worships. Of course, we welcome members of bigger churches worldwide too and ask them to join our effort to create an affordable resource center so more and more churches can be started in houses around the world and that it can improve any church community.

Worship House One is a place connecting people, missionaries, teachers, students, house and bigger churches, and organizations from all around the world to spread the word about our savior and to provide help, training, support, and more where it is needed.

In 2002 we started the Free Gospel Forum in Germany but then moved to Thailand where we continued our work after the Tsunami and provided activities and solutions for Christian communities. Free Gospel Forum later became Worship House One as not all we provide was actually free and the word “free” often got misinterpreted. Free was meant as no denomination, open-minded, and not “free” like in “free beer”! Therefore “Worship House”+ ”location or number” stands for the places which connect with us. “One” is the first Worship House of this kind we have created. Let’s spread the word and join together to create many more “Worship Houses”.

We like to invite you to join us with your own house church located anywhere in the world.