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Change the lives of Kids and their families and let them smile. “Inspire to Share”

2005 – live
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The idea of Smile Kids Asia started after the Tsunami, where our company LisAndi Co., Ltd. did lots of activities to improve the English proficiency of teachers and students and Computer skills – i.e. TYPO3 Workshops, Learning how to use Search Engines or how to build lessons around the Wikipedia starting page, as Wikipedia is the biggest schoolbook in the world and it really can make teachers and students interested in more 🙂

We were running a Homeschool Group under IMCT – the International Montessori Charter and Training – 2005-2008. Students came from Switzerland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Germany and were aged 2 – 15. We had lots of fun and presented often our results on International Elearning Conferences in Bangkok. LisAndi Family was of great support to us.

Training in schools/universities for teachers/professors and students followed all over Thailand. You can see some of it on our sister project https://fb.me/partnerschools

The base ideas were always based on the idea to help kids, teachers, professors, and their parents, caretakers, and families to empower them to do most things by themselves influenced by Maria Montessori – “Help to do it by myself!”

Smile Kids Asia will try to gather activities around Asia for kids. We started doing it with activities we organized or participated but it is open for others too. The goal is to collect many many ideas on how to improve the educational situation in the whole of Asia (Until now we focussed on mostly on Phuket/Thailand as we started here). The Internet will be the partner on this experience: “Inspire to share”.

LisAndi Family is “our mother” as this company helps to get things done. It tries to get enough projects to be able to support social activities, kids, and families. https://fb.me/lisandiphuket. If you are in need of a good online presence for yourself, your company, or organization contact them as this helps also those activities here.

From 2008 until now followed several English with Music Activities in cooperation with organizations and schools all over Thailand. Many took place at Three Generation Center in Rawai which had a similar approach like the organization our initiator had built up in Germany over 30 years ago and which had been awarded a 4th prices for Parent Initiatives in whole Germany in 1989 and got support by the BOSCH Family Foundation – Stiftung für Bildung und Behinderten Foerderung as well as the Companies Director of Diehl/Nuernberg at that time. Meanwhile, Familien Treff Gerlingen is managing a complete Family Center. https://familientreff-gerlingen.de/verein/geschichte – the one they write about who was working without any salaries was also our initiator at Smile Kids Asia and Partner Schools International both initiated and founded by LisAndi Family.

In 2012 we helped a church to run their project by providing English with Music classes and some support from Lions Club Patong to them. That was the time we started also to focus more and more on kids at Saphan Luam – a Social Burning Point in Phuket. Many kids living in this area don’t get educated by their mothers (who often have more or less abandoned them) or fathers as they either show no interest or are locked up for years in prison. Those kids often get educated by elderly people who take good care of them, even they often have to really work hard to finance their own simple lives. Our main focus since 2012 was at Saphan Rewm 2 as here LisAndi has family a very good relationship with the people and Lai – lived here herself for over 30 years, raising up many own and other kids by herself. In short, she is a real “expert” who knows about all those problems who affect those kids every day again. Our goal is to break that circle. It is for sure not easy, but we won’t give up hope on them!

If you like to help or support this idea, feel free to get in contact with us. Some mission teams and friends visited already the place and conducted several activities with very friendly people.